Get a petrol refund for the petrol you use in quad bikes, off-road vehicles, generators, post-hole diggers and other farm equipment.


Commercial fishing and aquaculture are big fuel users. Claim your refund for petrol used in your outboards


From off-road vehicles to smoke blowers, make sure you don’t pay road tax on the petrol your business uses.


Companies and contractors can save a lot of money by claiming back the tax from off-road vehicles, chainsaws and other petrol-powered equipment.


Civil engineering, construction, arborists, carpet cleaners – they all use petrol every day.


Claim back your road tax on petrol used in mowers, outdoor power equipment, rollers and off-road vehicles.

Schools and clubs

If you’re running lawnmowers or equipment, make sure you’re reimbursed for the road tax in your petrol.

Mobile Tyre Services

Your compressors, generators, pumps and other petrol-powered equipment could generate a healthy refund for your business.


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